EI30 and EI60 aluminium fire rated glass doors for your home and office!

Fireproof steel doors London
Firerated aluminium doors London
Firerated aluminium doors

Some of our readers may be of the opinion that we are all about stylish doors that will perfectly complement a given interior.

We are more than willing to provide our customers with products that will be considered to be aesthetically pleasing by them, but we also know how important utilitarian features and safety are. That is why we have decided to introduce fire rated doors to our offer.

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Fireproof steel doors London that will suit your needs just perfectly!

Fire rated aluminium doors

Our company would like to interest its customers, both individual and corporate ones, with products that are characterized by a remarkable fire resistance, as well as a notable acoustic efficiency. Our offer incorporates predominantly fire doors classified as EI30 and EI60, which are the most popular and widely selected ones.

Thanks to the implementation of the most advanced technological solutions, as well as the utilization of best resources available on the market, we are capable of offering our clients from London and neighbouring areas top class doors that will properly protect them against any and all hazards that are strictly connected with fire.

Thanks to their installation, you will be more than sure that any fire hazard will not spread and will be contained to a single room only. It will help you protect your valuables and easily evacuate from the object, without the risk of being burnt or losing consciousness due to smoke or hazardous fumes.

Aluminium Firerated doors in London made out of best materials only!

More about fire rated aluminium doors
We are of the opinion that we owe our readers a brief explanation as to the two most popular classes of fire rated doors that we have decided to introduce to our portfolio.

In short, it can be said that EI30 products will be capable of ensuring about 30 minutes of fire resistance, whereas the EI60 ones will prevent fire from spreading further for even 60 minutes, giving you a lot of time to take care of the issue by yourself or to get in touch with professionals who will be able to assist you.
Interestingly enough, thanks to the material used, namely aluminium, we can also ensure that the installed doors will be soundproof to a notable extent, as they can nullify noises ranging from 25 to 35 dB efficiently, which is a rarity when it comes to the products offered by competitive companies operating in London.
The URSA Company wants its customers to feel fully satisfied with their purchase. That is why we do not settle on utilitarian features alone. Each and every client who will decided to take advantage of our services will have the opportunity of asking our representatives to make doors that will be neatly adjusted to his or her needs in terms of hue. Thanks to that, the user-to-be will be granted a remarkable freedom when it comes to matching the product in question to his or her individual needs and requirements.

The EI30 and EI60 fire rated doors offered by the URSA Company can be used not only in private houses and flats, but also - in offices, factories, and commercial buildings of all kinds. Their key feature is the ability to separate fire-affected areas.
While being introduced in a proper manner and coupled with state-of-the-art technological solutions, they can help create the so-called cut-off zones that will limit the possibility of fire spreading and becoming out of control to an absolute minimum.
Thanks to their acoustic efficiency, they can also be used to create a sense of separation and privacy in individual rooms or offices, which may in turn directly translate into increased comfort and productivity. As we all know, both of the aforementioned aspects simply cannot be neglected, especially in the modern world. We would also like to inform all of our prospective and regular clients that the fire rated doors that we have in our offer will surely not affect their household budgets negatively.
Why is that?
We have taken all the possible steps to ensure that the price-to-quality ratio of the goods offered is optimal and satisfactory for all the interested individuals and companies. If you do not believe a chunk of text published on the Internet, do not hesitate to contact our representatives and ask them about a detailed quotation that will undoubtedly dispel all your doubts!

Fire rated aluminium doors London
Fire rated aluminium doors
Firerated aluminium doors London