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uPVC sliding sash windows
uPVC sliding sash windows
uPVC sliding sash windows

Vertical sliding uPVC windows are sometimes also referred to as sash box ones. They are a perfect solution for all the individuals, who are the owners of buildings situated in crammed areas, where is not much space to use.

In said case, traditional casement or tilt & turn products may not meet their needs, as there may simply be no possibility of opening and closing them in a proper manner without damaging them.

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upvc sash windows

For all the clients who have to deal with such an issue, URSA would like to offer top quality vertical sliding windows that will help them save a lot of space while at the same not being required to forget about the comfort of utilizing them on everyday basis.

The mechanism used in their case is very simple, yet – it has proven to be remarkably efficient throughout the years. The frame slides on sturdy and elastic rollers that make it straightforward and hassle-free to open and close such a window.

It is also important to note that thanks to the materials utilized and the meticulousness of their production, uPVC windows offered by URSA are resistant to all kinds of physical damages, wear and tear, as well as to other external conditions that may turn out to be detrimental to traditional products of that type, for example – windows in wooden frames that are available en masse both in brick-and-mortar shops and in their online counterparts.

We would like to advise all the customers planning on buying them to consider their decision once again, as windows are not only about a pleasing aesthetic appearance, but above all – about utilitarian features.

We have to be more than sure that they will serve us in a proper fashion both during hot and dry summers and during freezing cold winters when temperature falls below zero degrees centigrade.

uPVC Sash Box windows London made out of best materials only!

More about uPVC sliding sash windows
URSA is the pinnacle of installation of uPVC sliding sash windows, we can ensure you of that!

URSA will provide you with best products of their kind and will do its best to ensure that they are installed in a professional manner, ensuring their proper operation for many years to come.
The representatives of our company will also advise all the customers on how to use such products in a way that will prevent their premature damaging or malfunctioning.
Nevertheless, if any problems happen, you can be sure that we will visit you at your home or office and will fix the uPVC installed beforehand, as the satisfaction of our customers is always our key priority.
We will continue to strive for top quality service provision and highly professional approach to even the most complex projects entrusted to us by customers from London and neighbouring areas.

We are more than sure that our customers are fully aware of the fact that in order to be sure that the sash box-type windows will meet all their requirements and expectations, a professional, renowned company has to be contracted in order to install them in a proper manner.
You can be sure that while starting cooperation with URSA, all the key steps involved in the mounting and setup procedure will be handled by top professionals in the field who are knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects closely connected with windows - both external and internal ones.
Throughout their career, they have installed many such products in houses, flats, as well as in various offices and factories, so you can be sure that your order will also be realized with due diligence and meticulousness.
Numerous customers have decided to place orders for our services on many occasions, as they have been more than satisfied with the outcomes of our initial works. Now, you can also join them by contacting us and providing us with all the key pieces of information that are connected with the specificity of the order you would like to be realized for you. For us, there are no impossible tasks.
We are open to all kinds of challenges and will be more than glad to face a problematic matter or an unusual project.

upvc sash windows
uPVC sliding sash windows,