Aluminium skylights London made in line with your expectations and requirements!

skylights London
skylights London

Some clients may be of the opinion that we deal exclusively with standard doors and windows. It is not a truthful statement in the slightest, as our experienced representatives are also able to perform much more advanced and unusual projects.

Some of them involve the installation and setup of flat roof skylights made with durability and neat look in mind.

Skylights London made out of best materials possible!

Glass flat roof London that you can fully trust!

skylights London

In the majority of cases, customers are interested in mounting durable and stylish skylights in their houses, flats, offices, or factories in order to visually expand them and to make them look much more spacious than they really are.

We offer them top quality aluminium products that are made basing on the assumptions of the so-called seamless design. It allows to make skylights that are not only resistant to various weather conditions that may affect them throughout the year, but also offer exceptional insulation.

Technological solutions implemented and materials utilized to produce such goods ensure that the phenomenon of mould accumulation is limited to an absolute minimum.


According to experts in the field of construction, finishing, and interior design, properly selected and professionally installed flat roof skylights allow to let twice as much sunlight as traditional products, which may not only make rooms look much brighter and bigger, but will also undoubtedly affect the productivity and mood of people spending their time in such areas positively.

Skylights and flat glass roofs made out of best materials only!

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The utilization of aluminium is the guarantee that the products purchased will last for a long time, while at the same time being energy efficient. Thermal insulation is also of vital importance, as thanks to taking advantage of best items available on the market, it is possible to notably limit expenses that have to be incurred in order to purchase fuel or to maintain a healthy and comfortable temperature in individual rooms of a particular object.
It will be much easier thanks to flat roof skylights installed by the representatives of URSA, as they will take a proper care not only to ensure that all the elements of the project fit perfectly, but will also opt for additional insulation wherever it may be needed. Said approach will protect the roof and the windows, making them sturdier and more resistant to various external factors that they may be affected by and exposed to in consecutive years.

We are fully aware that some customers may not be familiar with the current trends in the industry, as well as not be able to make a decision as to which of skylights available on the market to go for.
Nowadays, you do not need to worry about such issues, as they will all be taken care of by experienced and exceptionally skilled individuals employed in our company. Their expertise will turn out to be invaluable not only while agreeing upon the details of the project to be realized, but also - in the process of performance of works proper.
They will utilize the right tools and accessories that will be the guarantee that a given product will serve its user for many years to come after being installed. We are highly appreciated and respected by clients owning properties in London and in areas surrounding said beautiful city, because they know that they can count on us not only when it comes to mounting new skylights, but also - when some maintenance or repair works are needed.
On your request, we may install windows that are characterized by thicker than usual panes of glass implemented, which will directly translate not only into improved thermal efficiency, but also - acoustic one.
The discussed solution will make it possible to notably limit or in some cases even nullify all the noises coming from the outside. It may be a great idea if you happen to live in a busy, noisy area or would like to improve the overall comfort of using a given space without spending too much on a complete insulation or renovation of your house, flat or office.

Throughout the years, we have learned a lot about the requirements and needs of our clients, so we are more than sure that we will be able to help you realize even the most complex and usual project you may come up with.

skylights London
skylights London
skylights London